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Fic & Art Recs

I’d like to rec kittymayhem’s Spank Me series. These are deliciously hot ‘n’ sassy Clark/Bruce tales that are sure to delight. Spank Me, the first in the series, involves wet men and plenty of hot sex. ;) This was entered into my 2009 DCU Fic/Art Spring Rain Challenge and is a perfect fit! :)

The sequel, Cuffed Up, is one of the hottest erotic stories I’ve ever read! Sexy, kinky, and layered with Clark/Bruce love! Both stories also feature her artwork, which is really a visual treat!

Steamed Rain is the picture that inspired Spank Me, and is utterly Clarkalicious! :) It was also entered into the Spring Rain Challenge.

All Cuffed Up...And Nowhere To Go is a sizzling illo of Clark in cuffs! It's friends-locked now, but a smaller version can be seen embedded in Cuffed Up.

A wonderful writer AND artist! Isn't DC fandom lucky! :)
Tags: 2009 dcu fic/art spring rain challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, fanart, fanfic, rec, superman/batman
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