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Six Months' Mark

Well, it’s coming close to the six-month mark of the year. Once June is over I’ll be posting that month's fics and how the trends have shaped up since January, but this post will be for an outline of my future projects for the rest of the year.

Caveat: while I usually meet all or most of my writing goals, sometimes they get derailed by capricious Muses, RL interruptions, and other sundries, so none of this is set-in-stone. It’s more of a musing to myself that I’m sharing with you. ;)

Rainbow’s Freedom

Write first draft of Arc 7: Project K

Edit/post Arc 5: The Dark Knight Of The Soul

Work on the following dcu_freeforall claims and try to complete all or most by the end of the year (ha!):

Diana/Steve: 8 of 15 completed so far, No. 9 started today. This is the fic that is turning out longer than I anticipated. I've decided to take out all the flashbacks and save them for a prequel.

Bruce/Dick: 2 of 15 completed so far, No. 3’s first draft finished yesterday. I definitely have an outline for No. 4, dreamed up last night. :)

Clark/Bruce: 4 of 15 completed so far. Luckily I have ideas for the prompts on all three of these claims tables. :)

You’ll probably see a lot of my three primary pairings, because even though I have 14 of 45 claims completed so far, I have 31 more to go! :)

Edit/post Wings Of Darkness Trilogy Book II: Guardian Angel (Bruce/Jim). I’ve started editing it and hope to start posting fairly soon now that Survivor Trilogy Book I: A Sunny Day In Gotham is finished.

Write first draft of Wings Of Darkness Book III: Gotham And Gomorrah. Hopefully post it in 2009! :)

I’ve written the first draft of a summer story that will cover two Summer Challenges. ;) I still have a second seashore tale but am letting that one simmer for awhile.

I just stumbled across my multiple-pairing SV fic that I'd started months ago. Hmm. Have to get back to that. :)

Work on creating the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. I may just use last year’s with a few added prompts, but I could do something different. As long as there’s LJ and this fandom, I’ll always post a Valentine’s Day and Halloween Challenge. I guess I’m just addicted to romance and Halloween fun! ;)

I’d like to write some Apollo/Starbuck (Original Series) and Han/Luke but have no idea if I’ll have any time. Still, the old favorites do inspire at times. :)

Maybe take fic requests for my 3rd LJ Anniversary in November. :)

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