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Fic: Quiet Strength (1/1)

Title: Quiet Strength (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Dick, Bruce, J’onn
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: When a powerless Clark is hurt, it’s up to Dick to take care of him in a hostile wilderness.
Date Of Completion: June 11, 2009
Date Of Posting: June 13, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1562
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for saavikam77 for my Hurt/Comfort Fic Prompt Request. Pairing: Clark/Dick. Prompt: Strength. :)

Dick shivered as he crawled frantically toward Clark, a thin trail of blood in the snow. Fear rose up and choked him, his lungs aching with the cold.

He reached his lover and swallowed as he saw how bruised Clark’s face looked. And where was that blood coming from?

Dick moved his gloves along Clark’s body. He was grateful for the thermal winter leggings and jacket, because even his flesh-colored tights could not have withstood this biting chill.

His glove came away from under Clark’s right thigh bright with blood. Further investigation found a deep laceration.

Dick looked around, wind howling in this open field of snow. He glared up at the red sun, the cause of Clark’s vulnerability.

Shelter, they needed shelter. Where…?

He shielded his eyes. Was that a cabin on the horizon? He hoped so.

He whipped off his scarf and wrapped Clark’s thigh, then carefully lifted him into a fireman’s carry, staggering through the snow. Clark no longer had the density of a super-powered body but he was no lightweight.

Snow began to swirl as the leaden skies grew darker, blotting out the weak sun. The JLA and Teen Titans would never find them in this blizzard, and their communicators would not work in the planet’s atmosphere.

Damn you, Clark, insisting on coming to this world powerless. Don’t you die on me! You’re not the one who’s supposed to go first!

Exhausted, fear drove him on through the deep snowdrifts. Bruce would be frantic, driving everyone crazy looking for them.

Grateful for his mentor’s training and conditioning program, Dick was able to keep going, finally stumbling at the cabin door. He kicked it in and staggered inside, snow swirling in behind him and his precious burden.

The interior of the cabin was cold and dark. Gently he laid Clark on the bed in the corner of the room and shut the door, then found a kerosene lamp and lit it.

Thankfully the bleeding had stopped, but Clark’s skin was feverish.

“Clark, can you hear me?”

No response. Dick set about finding a bowl and a washcloth, wiping Clark’s face, then started a fire in the stone fireplace.

The warmth made him feel better as he continued trying to cool Clark down.

“Clark, please, hold on.” It scared Dick to see his lover hurt. Superman should never be hurt! It was against the laws of Nature. “You and I finally got together. I can’t lose you now!”

Dick closed his eyes. He remembered his excitement the very first time he had met Superman so many years ago.

& & & & & &

“Batman, is he coming? Really?”

“Yes.” A small smile quirked the Bat’s lips. “Keep your eyes open.” He put a hand on Robin’s shoulder, probably trying to keep him from bouncing around.

Robin eagerly scanned the clear blue sky. A crow, an eagle, a robin…was that a plane?

No, it was Superman!

The small dot in the sky grew bigger and bigger, a red cape straight out behind the blue-garbed figure heading right at the Dynamic Duo standing on the cliff on the outskirts of Gotham.

Excitement blossomed in Robin as he bounced on his pixie-booted toes. Superman alighted gracefully, red cape fluttering upward. Robin loved the bright red-yellow-and-blue colors of the older hero’s costume.

“Hello, Robin.”

“Hello, Superman!”

Superman smiled and Robin wanted to cartwheel. Batman sounded amused as he said, “Thanks for stopping by, Superman.”

“I’ve heard great things about you, Robin.” He put his hand out. “Clark Kent.”

Robin shot his hand out. “Dick Grayson.”

They shook hands, beaming.

& & & & & &

“Oh, Clark,” He squeezed his lover’s hand, so cold now.

The mission on this planet had gone wrong from the beginning, and now Clark was suffering the consequences.

Shivering despite the warmth of the fire, Dick sat in the chair next to the bed.

He continued the vigil, finding more oil when the lamp burned down, and sorted through the cabinets to find what looked like green tea. He brewed up a kettle, then found a can of vegetable soup. He heated it up and brought it back to the bed, crumbling crackers into the bowl.

“Maybe the savory smell will wake you up. You love food.”

& & & & & &

Dick entered the cottage, sniffing appreciatively at the smell of eggs and sausage cooking.

“Lucky you’re an early riser. And you can cook, too. Definitely not Bruce in either way.”

Clark grinned from his place by the stove. “Guess that’s a good thing, huh?”

Dick grinned. He set the table and Clark put two plates of food on it.

“Even if Bruce didn’t have his night job, he’d never be an early riser,” Dick laughed, taking a forkful of egg.

“Probably not.” Clark cut his sausage. “His blue blood doesn’t run that early.”

Dick laughed. “Mmm, you really are a good cook.”

& & & & & &

“You really are a good cook,” Dick said softly.

The soup was hot and tasty, the tea soothing, and the wind howled outside the cabin, rattling the windows.

Dick touched Clark’s face.

Still too hot.

He checked Clark’s leg, but it didn’t appear that infection had set in.

Please wake up, Clark!

Dick went to the window. Everything was a sheer white-out, and the snow was already up to the windowsill. That meant that the door would be blocked by now.

There was no hope of rescue from the JLA, Teen Titans, or even Bruce.

We’re really on our own now. He closed his eyes. Give me strength.

& & & & & &

Clark’s eyes sparkled as he flew up into the clouds with Dick in his arms.

Joy surged through Dick. He was with Clark and flying: two things he loved most in this world.

He could feel the wispy cumulus moisture on is skin, and he felt Clark’s strength beneath his hands. He wrapped his legs around Clark’s waist and they kissed, deeply and passionately.

They soared up into the clouds, hearts matching flight…

& & & & & &

Dick kept his vigil, praying for deliverance as the fire crackled and the wind howled, the kerosene lamplight flickering.

Clark’s breathing was rattled, painful and ripping at Dick’s heart, but he remained vigilant even as the tears stung his eyes.

He would survive if Clark left him…even if he didn’t want to.

& & & & & &

Dick struggled to open the door, grabbing the shovel that rested against the wall. He nearly staggered back from the glare of the sun bouncing off the snow.

He shoveled, creating a tunnel through six feet of snow, and tiredly stumbled back to the cabin. He’d needed to move, and now he needed to sit…


The voice was raspy but sent Dick soaring like that day through the clouds.


Dick ran forward and hugged Clark, laughing and sobbing, Clark’s arms going around him and holding on tight.

& & & & & &

Dick cooked, helped Clark eat, did more shoveling, and curled up against Clark’s side for much-needed sleep. He was a bright whirlwind, charged with energy and relief, amusing Clark and taking care of him.

And now Dick slept peacefully in Clark’s arms.

“Hauling me though the snow, caring for me, worrying over me…Batman’s partner on the mean streets of Gotham…surviving your parents’ deaths…I have the strength to move mountains, and it can’t begin to match yours,” Clark whispered as he nuzzled Dick’s hair. “Still my Sunshine Boy, no matter what.”

Clark fell asleep as the fire crackled.

& & & & & &

Dick awoke with a yawn, glad to see the sun streaming in through slits in the shutters. He snuggled closer, Clark’s body warm and comforting.

He heard a noise and raised his head from Clark’s chest. It was quiet, the fire having died down to embers, only an occasional pop coming from the fireplace.

Maybe just an ember.

He lowered his head again.


Dick lifted his head, slipping out of bed. He quietly padded over to the door and listened, then jumped back as it banged open.


Batman stood in the doorway in winter hiking gear, a smile spreading across his face.

Dick flung his arms around Bruce, who hugged him back.

“How’d you find us?” Dick asked breathlessly, pulling back.

“Once the storm lessened, J’onn was able to get a reading that he thought might be you and Clark.” Dick smiled as the Martian Manhunter appeared, drifting down from the sky. “Are you all right?” Bruce looked over Dick with a practiced eye.

“I’m fine. Clark has a leg injury.”

“I’m fine.”

Clark was smiling from the bed. Dick, Bruce, and J’onn came over and J’onn inspected Clark’s thigh.

“Good work, Mr. Grayson.’

Dick grinned. “Thanks, J’onn.” As J’onn talked with Clark, Dick said softly, “I knew if anyone would find us, you would.”

Even with the white lenses covering Bruce’s eyes, Dick knew that they were twinkling.

Bruce smirked. “How could I not home in on my Little Bird?”

Dick laughed and hugged Bruce again.

& & & & & &

It was a happy group that made their way back to civilization, J’onn carrying Clark as he flew, Bruce and Dick on snowshoes across a glittering winter landscape, Dick smiling all the way.

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