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Notes On Rainbow's Freedom

Well, the 4th arc (Paradise) has been wrapped up, and thanks to all for reading and commenting! :)

As is my custom, I step back after an arc is finished in order to keep fresh. I don’t want to burn out! And while I love this ‘verse, it can be a difficult one to have in your head every day. I just wrapped up the 7th arc in the first draft stage in my notebook, and during my hiatus I plan to work on some fun ‘n’ frothy summer projects! :)

Though, rest assured, I will probably be editing/posting the 5th arc sooner than you think! :)

Now, behind the cut will be a preview of the remaining arcs and will contain some spoilers, though I will do my best not to get too detailed. Pretty much general overviews, so I leave it to you, gentle readers, as to whether or not you wish to continue.

We’ve seen Bruce and Clark learn about each other as Master and slave, and fall in love with each other, trying to balance both sets of roles. They don’t always succeed, but they do a good job of it, I’d say. :)

Dick’s arrival at Wayne Manor helped strengthen the family bonds that began with Alfred, and the House of Wayne will remain the focal point for the series.

As the series has progressed, other characters are starting to play major roles. The Arrows are a good support/friendship system, and they have their own stories to tell. Melody is a survivor of a horrendous past, and Roy has not had an easy life, either. Will he ever reveal details of his past life? Maybe. He hasn’t really told me yet. :)

He will do well as Speedy and his friendship with Dick will grow. Ollie and Dinah are important heroes, and their roles are essential to this series.

Diana has made her debut, and she and Steve and Hal have very important roles to play as we go forward, though she doesn’t appear again until the 6th arc.

Lex is always a wild card, though so far he has been more early season Smallville than canon bad guy. Lionel is a joy to write with his amorality and ambiguity. Jamie has entered the Luthor Household and is very good for Lex, but can that continue?

Edmund is the villain of the piece, and he will continue that role.

The 5th arc, The Dark Knight Of The Soul, is the darkest one I’ve written in this ‘verse, and will bring severe trials to the House Of Wayne. Can Bruce and Clark’s love survive?

Considering that I can’t write this long a series without hope, the 6th arc (The Jewel In The Crown) will be lighter in tone as the House Of Wayne heads off-world for a special mission. Kinkiness ensues! ;) And I don’t do squicky kink. No golden showers, no other bodily functions, etc. Yet this arc will be the kinkiest yet. ;)

The 7th arc, Project K, will bring a rush of events that will change the House Of Wayne forever. Secrets are revealed and learned, sometimes by people who should not learn them, and seismic shifts will begin in American culture.

The 8th arc (untitled for now) will show Clark in all his glory, but will the changes threaten his relationship with Bruce? And can he handle his new responsibilities? It’s not easy being a savior.

So, I hope everyone has a great summer, and don’t forget to write or draw summertime fun! ;)

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