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May Stories & Some Ficcish Ramblings

Four new stories were posted in the month of May, and many chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom, which kept me busy. :) Also, Steve/Diana made their debut in this series this month.

There was a mix of pairings, with only Clark/Bruce repeating:

In Dawn’s Early Light (Clark naked. What’s not to love? ;) )

"...And They Knew That It Was Good" (a short mythic tale)

Bruce/Dick were an inspiration and started things off, as Dick’s fashion sense is affectionately made light of: Fashion Plate. ;)

After seeing Star Trek XI: I just had to write this K/S story, utilizing both TOS and the new movie: ...And The Bells Jingle Madly.

So while many chapters were posted, new stories were few this month. The slightly frustrating thing for me lately is that I do have ideas for most of my dcu_freeforall claims, for instance, but no energy to write them! Maybe my cold took more out of me than I thought. I can talk again but it’s raspy. And a mild case of the blues could be doing it. Who knows?

Speaking of the dcu_freeforall claims, a quick tally:

Diana/Steve: 8 of 15 completed.

Bruce/Dick: 2 of 15 completed.

Clark/Bruce: 3 of 15 completed.

Total: 13 of 45 completed.

Anyway, I hope to wrap up the fourth arc of Rainbow’s Freedom this month and then concentrate on some long-neglected projects, and I am hoping to get started on some of the Summer Challenges that are out there! :) There’s something soothing about being by the sea for me, and I think there may be sappiness ahead! :)

Though I'm considering some Bruce/Jim angst. ;)

Thanks to all who read and comment! Knowing that people are reading and enjoying keeps me going. :)

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