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Fenway Craziness *Sweep!!!*

Wow, this weekend the Red Sox/Yankees series went better than I could have dreamed! :) First on Friday the Sox come back with *five runs* in the 8th against Mariano Rivera, the Yanks' star closer, who hasn't done so well against the Olde Towne Team in the past few years. The Sox were wearing their green uniforms in tribute to Red Auerbach, the Celtics' coach and GM who passed away last year (winningest coach in NBA history, leader of a true dynasty). They had the luck o' the Irish for sure! :)

Yesterday another great game, and Big Papi (David Ortiz) came through again by tying up the game and then the hits just flowed.

Tonight, *four consecutive home runs* by the Sox! First time for an American League team since 1964! Dice-K, our new Japanese pitcher, got the job done.

So it was a sweeeeep!!! of the Yanks this weekend. It's only April and it's always a dogfight with this team, but it's sure sweet to use the ol' broom! ;)

In fannish news, I finally managed to get the first draft of the Batfic done, and I revised the first chapter and posted it tonight, so now there'll be competing fics between that and "Rainbow's Freedom". ;)

*still dancing around the room*
Tags: boston red sox, rainbow's freedom
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