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Media West*Con 29 Report (Days 1 & 2)

Leaving on a jet plane...

Day One

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My day of travel was very smooth. In fact, the only glitch came when I arrived at Lansing Airport and there was no shuttle from the hotel! Which was irritating because after several hours of travel, I was tired and wanted to get to the hotel, and they had specifically requested that we give our names and flight times! All they had was one shuttle to pick up passengers, so a bunch of us were stuck out at the airport as it’s a half hour drive to the hotel, and of course a half hour drive back, and they only had one freakin’ van. Not happy campers! One van was broken, but you couldn’t rent one for the weekend? Not an auspicious beginning for the new management.

Anyway, when I checked in, I arranged for a shuttle to take me back on Monday, because with one van, who knew about seat availability?

khylara had already checked in and I ironed my wrinkly T-shirts and showered and changed clothes. Traveling on planes can be very sweaty business! :)

I found khylara in one of the side courts. The central court was all torn up. The fifth floor of the hotel was being renovated, and there was only sprucing up in the lobby. Otherwise the rest of the hotel was still the same from what I could tell, though the conference room chairs (really ratty) had been re-upholstered.

We went to dinner early because both of us hadn’t eaten much since breakfast, and we ordered the fish ‘n’ chips. The fish had a good flavor but was a little too mushy. The French fries were perfectly crisp and tasty and the coleslaw had a sharp tang.

We went back to the room and decorated the door. Our theme was Boston Legal slash (Denny/Alan) and based it on the picture of the boys in pink flamingo costumes. We put up a pink construction paper background, plenty of slashy photos, including the pink flamingo costumes, and a giant cut-out of a…pink flamingo! ;) Also we pasted tiny little pink flamingo stickers and had our door complete! :)

We did a room crawl and I really liked some jewelry in one dealer’s room, and decided to check out the Dealers’ Room the next day and see what was there before making any purchases.

Back to the room and watched the second half of Smallville ("Bride" repeat), which was my thing, and then wrestling, khylara’s thing. We turned in before midnight due to a very long travel day.

Day Two

Friday, May 22, 2009

Breakfast was at the Hummingbird’s Restaurant located in the hotel. Unfortunately, the new management only offers the buffet and no other options, and the bacon was undercooked, the sausage tasteless, and the homefries unmentionable (khylara warned me away from them). The biscuits were fluffy and the fruit good, but otherwise…so khylara and I decided to go elsewhere for breakfast on the morrow. :)

Of course I was wearing my ‘con outfit’. ;) Comfy pants, a T-shirt, and jewelry and buttons. I brought my Xena, Brokeback Mountain, Batman, and fairy shirts. ;) I wore my Tom Brady shirt for traveling.

Jewelry ranged from jade to rainbow-colored bracelets, and hair ornaments of delicate feathers from blue to purple. I also have my ‘Padawan braid’, a string of blue beads. :)

I have loads of comics-related buttons, most of them my favorite pairings, and slogans like The Justice League Of Slash and Superman/Batman, The World’s Finest Slash. Other fandoms include Due South, Xena, Hogan’s Heroes, and general fannish and Pagan sayings.

I got a batch of LJ icon pins last year, all comics-related, and wore them again this year.

Registration didn’t take long, and it was fun to talk to people. Everyone’s always fired up about the first day of the con.

Sitting out in the courtyard, I made new friends. L.D. and I discovered a shared passion for Christian Bale. Whoo hoo! ;) She promised to come to the CB panel if she could, and the Batman Begins/The Dark Knight panel.

I met Kathy Resch in the Dealers’ Room and purchased the K/S zine, T’hy’la #28, my one zine purchase for the weekend. I used to buy at least a dozen zines, but that was pre-Net. Kathy told me about the Star Trek party she was hosting Friday night. I said I would certainly try and make that! :)

The first panel I attended was a Starsky & Hutch slash panel, which was fun as we speculated about whether or not the boys would come out and stay partners on the force (and we talked about both the ‘70s and present day).

The second panel was Batman Begins/The Dark Knight panel. Five people attended, including L.D. and Deb, and it was very successful. We definitely had our opinions about which movie we preferred (for me, it’s BB), and discussed our favorite scenes. I felt that we saw more Bruce in the first film and that the Joker character took over in the second, and Christian played it understated but it was necessary, otherwise you’d have two over-the-top characters battling it out and it would be like the Riddler and Two-Face in Batman Forever. We all agreed that they killed off Harvey way too soon, and speculated on the villains for the next movie (Catwoman? Riddler?).

The Big Bang Theory was a fun panel. We do know people like this! We are people like this! ;)

The Star Trek panel got pretty heated at times, people clashing over Original/New Trek, but it didn’t get nasty. It was the highest number of people attending, as the average this year was anywhere between 5-10 people. This panel easily had at least 40 people

People really do have to chill, though. ;)

There was good discussion, and at the Hurt/Comfort panel as well that I caught the last twenty minutes.

I did pick up some bracelets in the Dealers’ Room. Very colorful! :)

khylara and I went to Hummingbird’s for dinner. She had Pasta Alfredo and I had a club sandwich (ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo, and mustard), crisp, handmade potato chips, and a pickle spear. This was huge, and I brought back half to the room for tomorrow’s lunch.

I had a blast at the Star Trek party. I met bizarra, who is new to slash, and she and I and Kathy talked for two hours about K/S, fanfic, and our own writing. We talked about things only other writers understand: how characters literally take over your story, and how do you write an epic? Outline it, wing it, take copious notes (the only time you use the word ‘copious’)? ;)

My specialty was description and using food in fic ;) and how certain genres need to be understated (deathfic, and I used Golden Light as an example.

It was just a wonderful, wonderful time. It’s why you travel to cons. That face-to-face ‘getting it’ is a joy. :)

I checked out the videos. The gen vids were less than an hour this year, and there were only THREE slash vids, all Professionals. If you blinked, you missed them. Sheesh!

More to come! ;)


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