bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

BradyGirl and the Tale of the Batfic

Now I know why Van Gogh cut his ear off. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind! :)

It's the fic, it's always the fic! Not only is my profic driving me crazy, but now my fanfic! Okay, here's the story:

I had this little piece of Bruce/Dick fic that I planned to write. It was a little fluffy but a little dramatic, too. Okay, good. Then I think, okay, it needs a prequel. Again, good. Then, I decide, oh, what the heck, why not just start from the beginning? Okay, that's still good.

So what happens? I figure about 5 or 6 chapters, tops. Maybe 25 pages.

It's now 12 chapters. Approaching 50 pages. And I've just thought of four scenes I should insert and that fit, not just gratuitous filler, and the cast of characters grew from four to ten, and the thing is now a freakin' *trilogy*, and I'm wondering how this thing evolved the way it did. :)

You see, I didn't plan this. It planned *me*. And the characters said, "Hey, include me!" and I did because it made the story better.

Well, just thought you might be amused at a very strange person's mental musings. :)
Tags: bruce wayne/dick grayson, writing
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