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Will T:S Bomb?


I've read reviews for Terminator: Salvation and they're definitely a mixed bag, leaning toward the negative.

I have no intention of seeing the film, as the Terminator premise depresses me (I want depression, I'll open a newspaper. It's cheaper), but I was curious to see what this 'summer blockbuster' will do.

Hmm, if it does tank (too soon to tell, of course), will Christian be blamed? He's described as 'too intense' in this movie (ha, ha!) and playing Batman, essentially. His tirade could be blamed for low box office if it turns out to be less than anticipated. A lot of people were turned off by that.

Me? My parents always said you could tell a person's character by how he treated the people below him socioeconomically. Not good for Christian. He was a little too full of himself, and the rant would have been good for 30 seconds or a minute. Went on waaaay too long.

He may be a great guy on-set, but the problem is, as an actor should know, perception is everything. People don't like overpaid actors screaming at 'little people', whether those people screwed up or not (though I must admit, hearing his tirade in his accent is amusing at times).

Was he sincere in his apology or just worried about his career? I'd like to think he realized how ridiculous he sounded.

So, while it's probably unfair to lay any negative box office at Christian Bale's feet, people will use that. His rant is being replayed endlessly on radio, and mocked. He'll be remembered for not being a great actor or a gorgeous guy, but for a meltdown maniac.

No one will bother to say, the movie sucks because of bad writing/directing/whatever. It'll on be on Christian, I fear, who has to bear the consequences of his rant.

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