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Fanfic & Other Assorted Topics

Well, my Muses have slowed down, but I have been typing and revising chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom, and decided to post three days in a row because it’ll be a week before there’s any more fic from me! :)

I’ve been very busy with that series, and just posted the essay about it on superhero_muses. I will be taking a break from it at the con because I don’t want to carry the notebook, which is one of those five subject types and I’d rather take a lighter notebook. Besides, writing the shorter stuff is better at the con. I have a list of my prompts and requests and might not write a word, but in case I’m inspired or have the time, I’ll have the notebook! :)

I’ve got plenty of ideas for Challenges and prompts, so that will keep me busy! :)

You’ll notice that I inserted a counter on my homepage, and also some stories. I decided to insert counters in all the stories and chapters posted in May, but as far as going back and putting them in my backlog, with over 200 stories (and some of those multiple chapters), that ain’t happenin’! ;) But I did insert counters for the first and last chapters of each arc of Rainbow’s Freedom, figuring it’d give me an idea of how many people are reading the earlier arcs and if they lasted until the end. ;)

I may also insert some counters for older stories, but just randomly selecting different pairings. I really wish I’d known about these counters when I first started posting, but I’ll get a good idea of viewing from here on. Already my counter for my homepage is over 900 hits, and I just established it yesterday! And while it counts my hits, I can assure you I haven’t been logging onto my page or refreshing my Friends page over 900 times since yesterday. So, yay me! I’ve got lots of visitors! *offers cookies and lemonade*

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