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Fic Prompts #1 (aka The Product Of BradyGirl's Evil Mind)

Fic Prompts #1

I came up with a list of prompts that I thought I’d offer to anyone who might get inspired from them. I’d love to have my favorite pairings used but I don’t want to mess with anyone’s Muses, so whomever inspires you, go for it! Pairings, threesomes, foursomes…;) Hopefully slash but again, I don’t like messing with Muses, delicate creatures that they are. :) Start with the prompt or embed it in the fic. Any rating, length, genre, and no deadlines! If they speak to you, you’ll determine when to write. Feel free to link back to this post if you so desire. Mmm, desire! ;)

If you write something, please give a link in the comments so we can all enjoy it!

I'd love to inspire people! ;)

Fic Prompt #1:

“I think that I’m asexual.”


Fic Prompt #2:

“I don’t hop into bed with just anyone, you know.”

Fic Prompt #3:

“Want to order out for pizza?”

Fic Prompt #4:

“If I have to listen to him/her tell that story one more time…”

Fic Prompt #5:

“We’re birds of a feather.”

Fic Prompt #6:

“Now there’s a wide open receiver. His teammate just penetrated the end zone!”

Fic Prompt #7:

“This is the Justice League of America…not a…a…”

Fic Prompt #8:

“I just got this craving for whipped cream and pickles!”

Fic Prompt #9:

“You do know that you’re crazy, right?”

Fic Prompt #10:

“I hurt all over!”

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