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The End Of All Things (Or Close To It)

"Doomsday" (Episode 22) (Season 8) (May 14, 2009)

I haven’t read a single review, so this is all fresh! :)

Keep in mind, it was a rainy night here and the reception on my little portable TV was pretty bad. I was lucky to see or hear half the stuff! I hope to get a clearer picture after viewing the tape this weekend. Thanks, Sis! :)

I liked the redemption of Jimmy and his saving Chloe. I’m sad that he died, intrigued by his ‘little brother’, who will be the sweet, naive Jimmy Olsen of canon, apparently, and glad the older Jimmy and Chloe came to an understanding before he died.

I know a lot of people dislike Jimmy, but I like an ordinary guy showing courage without powers, wealth, or any of that.

Interesting and bitter irony of Davis the human killing Jimmy after everyone feared the Beast.

Though I am confused: didn’t Chloe feel a strong bond to Davis? That just went up in smoke? She was too obsessed to be with him just for Clark’s sake. And if she was only protecting Clark, why prevent him from sending Davis to the Phantom Zone? That’s a pretty quick retcon!

Though I have to wonder: this reads like a classic abusive relationship. Chloe falls in love with Davis and continues to love him even after she finds out he's violent and a murderer, and stays with him and screws over her husband and friends because of him, and winds up almost killed by him.

On a lighter note, I did enjoy the Jimmy/Lois scene. They work so well together! :)

Clark’s declaration at the end: my first response was emotional, No! No! but after thinking about it, I think it’s necessary.

This Clark has been crushed by loss, betrayal and lies for years now, and needs to get away. He has it half right: he tried hard to be human and denied his Kryptonian heritage. Well, he should get to know his Kryptonian heritage, but his humanity will make him the great hero we know he will be. Either he will discover he can’t live among us without engaging his emotions or someone will point it out to him.

Betrayals have piled up: Lex, Lana, Oliver, Dinah, Bart, Chloe…only Jimmy didn’t betray him (or Lois). Sad that it just adds fuel to the fire that once Jimmy knew Clark’s secret, he ended up dead. Shades of Bonanza’s Cartwright Curse! ;)

But I loved that scene when Clark apologized to Jimmy for lying to him but Jimmy didn’t care. He was just so in awe. Now that’s the Jimmy I know and love, not some bitter junkie.

And his absolute trust in Clark warms my heart. "Always, CK." Clark really needs a friend like him, so naturally he was doomed!

I really hated Jimmy dying. Couldn't Chloe have been shown as still obsessed by Davis and been the one to go? This reason she stayed with Davis is the writers' way of allowing Chloe back next season with no repercussions.

And she's responsible in part for Jimmy's death! She prevented Clark from sending Davis to the Phantom Zone.

I can't believe that Clark still trusted Ollie, and was betrayed again, of course. Also by Dinah and Bart!

I think Ollie is juiced on that drug he took a few seasons ago and he's seriously having a mental meltdown.

I don’t know about the fight scene as I couldn’t see half of it (bad reception but I heard a lot of screaming!) but there was all this build-up to Doomsday and it ended was pretty quick. Though the titanic battle of the comics couldn’t really happen with Clark Kent, could it? That required Superman.

I also missed the Lois/Tess fight scene and the line from Tess about missing Lois' maid outfit. I'll catch that when I watch the tape. :)

I was saddened to see Clark and Oliver standing on opposite sides at the cemetery, strongly reminiscent of Clark and Lex at Lionel’s grave. The lines have been drawn now. The friendship is dead.

I'd like to see him meet another billionaire with lots of high-tech toys. ;)

And shouldn't Kara show up next season, especially with a Kandor storyline?

Clark can fool himself into thinking that he can live without human contact and emotions, but even Kryptonians have social contacts and feelings! So I don’t see this experiment lasting long (even if the AI came back, I doubt there's a Kolinahr discipline to purge his emotions) but I do think it’s needed. He lost Jonathan, Lex, Lana, Oliver…all to different degrees (even Martha hasn’t been around much) and he needs to get away, get his head together, try and deal with his grief over Jimmy and a missing Lois.

Because, sadly, in this ‘verse? Even his arrival brought pain with the meteor shower, and then the meteor mutants, and all the lives sacrificed (Jonathan, Jimmy), ruined (Lana, Chloe) and twisted (Lex, Oliver). He wasn’t directly responsible, but his very existence did bring on all of it.

Pretty dark stuff for a man who is supposed to be a sunny, optimistic hero who believes in the good in people.

And Clark can’t deny who he is in the end. He lived among us, took the best of what we were, and that will make him Earth’s Greatest Hero.

It’s just a lot harder in the Smallville universe.

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