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DCU_Freeforall Table (Clark/Bruce)

As you can see, I'm making another claim over on saavikam77's dcu_freeforall. Crazy? Maybe, but I can write 15 Clark/Bruce fics standing on my head. ;)

COMPLETE ON 10/11/10! :)

T 1; P 33Kent Farm T 5; P 2Red Kryptonite T 5; P 4Gold Kryptonite T 7; P 34mixing work and pleasure T 8; P 30a job for…
T 10; P 43aura T 12; P 3naked T 13; P 6flowers/petals/roses T 14; P 27we never leave a man behind T 14; P 28from different worlds
T 15; P 30vegetable T 16; P 12sunlight T 16; P 50ocean/sea T mission_insane Slash/Femslash Table; P 6sparkle (writer's choice) T 10; P 15amulet (writer's choice)

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Tags: challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, dcu_freeforall, superman/batman
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