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The Darkness Descends

"Injustice" (Episode 21) (Season 8) (May 7, 2009)

Can I say I’m really depressed over SV? That it’s a travesty to make Ollie into the new Lex?

Gah! This whole episode was an injustice!

Well, it wasn’t hard to guess that Chloe was an imposter. She is too obsessed with Davis to ever leave him, and then to urge Clark to kill him? That’s Tess’ thing.

The team that Tess had assembled had too many issues to ever last, and Tess’ betrayal just sealed their fate. She’s a murderer, and maybe that’s why Ollie’s so hot for her.

This episode depressed me. Seriously. Clark has literally no one he can trust, and only Lois will support him, but she doesn’t know the whole truth so can’t be the one he leans on. His parents are gone, Jonathan through death and Martha off to Washington. Pete betrayed him. Chloe betrayed him. Ollie betrayed him. Jimmy could have been good support, though like Lois, doesn’t know the truth, but they’ve got him descending into darkness. Lex was a betrayer long ago.

Clark is still a believer in second chances and saving people. Killing them is his very last resort. He still wants to save Davis! Who could be saved by the Black K, but only if Clark can pull it off.

This brings me to Ollie.

It’s painful to watch this man descend into darkness, as painful as it was to watch Lex. At least in canon, Lex was supposed to go over to the Dark Side, and despite Ollie’s travails in comics canon, he never struck me as a brooding, dark, murderer!

Since MR is gone, they're using JH to fill in the evil nemesis routine, and I hate it. I hated Lex turning evil but I knew it was required by canon.

Ollie pulled off the Naked Ollie routine in Tess’ bedroom to cover his theft (and believe me, I don’t mind!), but his efforts to get her into bed were pathetic. Zatanna needs to come and give him a good smack upside the head! ;)

"I could probably find my way into the Ice Queen’s vault."

Not a bad line there, but Ollie panting after Tess is just undignified!

He killed Lex, and wants to kill Davis. Granted, Lex was evil and Doomsday is unpredictable and deadly, and killing might be the answer in the end, but Ollie seems ready to jump for that solution first. I still say he’s on something or is an imposter or possessed! :)

Or is he losing his mind, too? Seems to be an occupational hazard on this show.

He seems like he’s resigned that he’ll never have Clark by coming right out and telling him he killed Lex. Clark doesn’t trust him anymore, and after that scene earlier in which he said he counted on Oliver, and Ollie assured him that he could.

Ollie intends to keep the Kryptonite ring. That’s a slap in the face to Clark. It’d be different if Clark gave it to him for safekeeping as he does to Bruce in the comics.

It’s so sad to see this friendship ruined.

Would an SV Bruce be any better for Clark? Would he betray him, too? We know that Bruce is more paranoid than both Lex and Ollie! Would he be the one for Clark to lean on, knowing all his secrets, and keeper of the ring? Of course, we’ll never know except in fan fiction.

It looks as if Kandor will be the storyline for next season, and Tess is right in the middle of it.

Next week scares me. Clark can’t send Davis to the Phantom Zone, and what if the Black Kryptonite fails?

From the previews, Clark looks like he's really suffering. He's not supposed to hurt this much before he even dons the cape!

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