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2009 DCU Fic/Art Summer-By-The-Sea Challenge!!!

saavikam77 just issued her DCU_Freeforall Summer Challenge, and that prompted me to offer mine earlier than I’d planned so that if people wanted to match them up and cross-post, they’d have the chance! :)

Ah, the hazy, lazy days of summer! And what better way to spend them than at the beach?

The complete Master List is here.

This Challenge has been created to celebrate time spent by-the-sea. Your fic or visual art (illustrations, manips, icons) should include:

Your characters/pairings in a setting by-the-sea. That can be anywhere on Earth or off-world. Vacation, a need to get away, any reason that you come up with. Oh, and don’t forget, this is the perfect opportunity to use Aquaman or any of his family! ;)

Settings (just suggestions, NOT required prompts) are your choice: a cozy little cottage, a resort either old-fashioned or up-to-the-minute, a family beach house, a pup tent on the beach! ;)

For writers, please use a MINIMUM of TWO prompts from the following list, and for artists, please use a MINIMUM of ONE prompt:

Seafood (your choice: lobster, shrimp, mussels, etc.)

‘Summer’ food and drink (hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, Popsicles, saltwater taffy, ice cream, Coke, lemonade, etc.) Got favorites from your summer vacations? ;)




Fourth of July

Band concert in the gazebo


Seashell necklace/bracelet/earrings





Hats (straw, floppy, sailor…something whimsical!)

Beach blankets (is someone bringing a Superman or Batman beach blanket?) ;)

Bathing suits (String bikinis? Speedos? Old-fashioned suits for fun?)

Sunglasses (Retro? Sparkly? Giant ones that babies and little kids wear?) ;)


Summer light



Labor Day

Can you paint us a picture? Hear the sound of seagulls piercing the air while golden light tinges the day as whitecaps sparkle on the water? Is your story or art relaxed and mellow? Or is there a summer storm approaching, with waves crashing against the cliffs? Are you in a seaside town or isolated high on the cliffs in an ancestral manse?

What kind of summer-by-the-sea do you want to create?

Okay, the usual suspects:

Genre: Humor, romance, hurt/comfort, drama, etc. You know the drill! :)

Pairings (or threesomes, etc. ;) ): Slash, het, gen. The term ‘DCU’ includes not only comicsverse but movie-TV-and-toonverses, so that means Nolanverse, Smallville, Timmverse, etc.

Rating: G all the way through to NC-17. Any story length.

Posting dates: May 7-September 7, 2009 (Labor Day here in the States) (If you don’t make the deadline, don’t worry. We still want to read your fic or look at your awesome art!) :)

As always, please post your contributions here on this Main Page. It’s the only way I can keep track of your entries, as I might miss them on my f-list. If I get enough entries, I will do a Master List.

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