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Irish Goodness

Today I went to lunch with my sister and we went to an Irish pub. Now generally Irish food is not considered great cuisine, mind you, but there's plenty of goodness if you know the right places! :)

So we went to the pub, which only a few months ago re-opened with a total make-over. It looked fresh and new and lovely. Outside were Gaelic symbols on the walls, and the interior held all kinds of posters and photos, some funny and some a little sad (a painting of the Kennedy brothers, JFK and RFK). The place was busy at noon and we were seated right away. My sister sat in a semi-booth while I had the chair on the opposite side. It was a chair that was nice and high, which I like since I like to be above table level! :) It was a cloudy day so the sun streaming in was mild but illuminated the dark wood and books on the shelves quite nicely.

The menu was varied and lengthy. We giggled over the 'Tom Brady' sirloin and finally made our choices: my sister had the broccoli cheddar soup while I went with the Boston baked schrod, accompanied by whipped potatoes with chives, baby carrots, cauliflower, peapods, and red onion slices. We both enjoyed warm wheat rolls with a dash of dill, and enjoyed catching up face-to-face instead of just via e-mail.

It was a very pleasant lunch! Good food and good company do it every time! :)

Well, I did consider zipping away from the post without mentioning fic, but, nah, why not go for it? ;)

To my "Rainbow's Freedom" fans: busy typing the next chapter for posting, and in the second arc, Bruce keeps tying Clark up quite a bit (the Bat is cracking the whip on this one), so slightly more kink to come! ;)

The Bruce/Dick fic is 37 pages so far. Not sure when it'll end! :) The Muse keeps pushing me on this, even insisting I include some porny goodness! ;) All kinds of guest stars, too.

Some drabbles recently posted, and even a "Five Things I Find Ironic About The Bat"! :)

Guess I'm just feeling bubbly today! :)
Tags: batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, clark kent/bruce wayne, rainbow's freedom, sister, superman/batman
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