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Blood On Your Hands

"Beast" (Episode 20) (Season 8) (April 30, 2009)

Wow, it’s almost like as if after every good ‘fluff’ episode like "Hex" and "Stiletto" we get a disappointing uber-dark episode.

I didn’t get much out of "Beast" except confusion over Chloe’s motivations and a feeling of being appalled at Oliver.

Since when did Oliver become this cold-blooded murderer advocating cold-blooded murder? Oh, right, since "Requiem"! I know that there can be legitimate debate over the killing of someone as destructive as Doomsday (and over in the Bat-family, there is the debate over killing the Joker, who has murdered multiple times and caused untold grief, including the murder of Jason and the crippling of Barbara), but Ollie sounds like it’s cut-and-dried. Clark still tries to give Davis a chance in the Fortress, but when he realizes there is no help for him, he tries to put him somewhere where he won’t kill again. Chloe asserting that it’s cruel for Clark to condemn Davis to eternity as a monster doesn’t quite get it: he’s already doomed. Unless there is a way to reverse the programming, that is his Destiny.

Jimmy is so eaten up by bitterness and rage that it’s sad. It’s a shame that Smallville had to take a sweet, slightly naïve character and twist him up so badly. At least Ollie recognized he was a junkie and tried to help him. Though hiring a junkie is probably not his best business decision, but then, I think this is Emerald Heart Ollie. ;)

Ollie had a right to be furious at Chloe for harboring Davis, since he was going to be the next victim. Jimmy was spared because of what he meant to Chloe, but wouldn’t Oliver mean something to her? What would she have felt if he had been found dead by Davis’ hand? Would she be still willing to run off with his killer?

Chloe’s motivations confuzzle me. I mean, it’s not like SV writers are ever muddled, right? *heavy sarcasm alert here*

1. Does she love Davis? Is she is, as she says in her dream, willing to do anything for him (I haven’t seen the murder victim in her nightmare yet as my TV reception wasn’t that great, but I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty sight!)? She’s willing to spend the rest of her life babysitting a man who morphs into a murderous monster. Is that love?

2. Is she doing this all for Clark? She certainly sounded as if that was her reason in her phone call to Clark. But if she truly wanted to keep him safe, why not let Clark send him away when they were at the Fortress?
Methinks the writers are trying to give her an out to come back from this monumental misjudgment.

3. Is it a mix of both? I’d guess this one. Chloe really believes (or is trying to convince herself) that she is staying with Davis to keep Clark safe, yet is not thinking clearly enough to realize that she can’t keep him from his true nature forever. She really does have feelings for him and is using Clark as her smokescreen to rationalize her actions.

4. Brainiac’s programming still lingers in her, linking her to Davis, which is something I would hint around at as an SV writer. It would justify so many of her inexplicable actions.

This episode had Oliver snarking at Clark, urging murder, Chloe willing to risk Clark, Oliver, and Jimmy to keep Davis safe, and no moments of hope or even heartwrenching drama, just sordid serial murder.

Is Superman irrelevant? People seem to want a dark 'hero' who goes around murdering their enemies. Even Batman is considered 'cool' because he's so dark, but his code of not killing is mocked in both comics and in the latest film, The Dark Knight. Even Clark's day job is fast becoming irrelevant as newspapers begin to go the way of the dodo bird.

Goddess knows what we’ll get next week!

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