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Five Things 1

Well, maybe the 'Five Things' meme has run its course on my flist, but I had these thoughts so I thought I'd share: 

Five Things That I Find Ironic About The Bat



  1. For a character made for the shadows, he wound up with a bright, laughing boy dressed in red, green, and yellow as his sidekick… and it worked!


  1. That the most important person in his life personally and professionally was a star in the circus, and his deadliest enemy projects the image of a clown, the symbol of the circus.


  1. For a man who is supposed to be a loner to the point that DC broke up him and Robin way back in the Seventies to get the ‘dread Batman’ back, he’s had the most regular day-to-day partners of any of the superheroes.


  1. That his World’s Finest partner is on the surface the exact opposite of him: bright, cheerful, trusting, diametrically-different economic background, and super-powered.  And it works!


  1. A man running around dressed like a giant Bat isn’t in Arkham.


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