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Hmm, feeling a little restless. I have been writing some dark stuff so am thinking of writing a little Steve/Diana sparkle. :) If you ever get bogged down by gloom 'n' doom, I can really recommend writing these two. They even make a Friday night eating pizza romantic! ;)

*shifty eyes as she hopes for fic* LOL! But, seriously, there are couples out there that just make you smile as you write them. :)

I am pleased at the responses to the Inspiration Meme. It's very cool to see how your work can inspire others. Thanks, vocallight and milleniumrex! :)

More NFL Draft tomorrow! The Celtics play the Bulls again, and the Bruins dispatched the Canadiens a few nights ago. The Red Sox shellacked the Yankees today at Fenway, 16-11.

It's good to be a New England sports fan right now. :)
Tags: boston bruins, boston celtics, boston red sox, fanfic, fenway park, new england patriots, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, writing
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