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NFL Draft

Ah, the NFL draft! Always interesting, the trading, the maneuvering, the jockeying...the Patriots have about a zillion picks this year. :) They've already drafted on defense, which is good, because we NEED defense! We got a cornerback and a nose tackle, and a nose is essential to a 3-4 defense which Bill Belichick still runs down in Foxboro. The draft party at the stadium went well (I followed it on Twitter) and there's still plenty more maneuvering to come!

Why all the fuss about a draft? The other sports don't have this buzz, but then, the other sports can't turn around as quickly as football teams. From worst-to-first isn't uncommon in the NFL.

Hope is the keyword.

Free agency and the draft builds your team, whether you're still a contender like the Pats or are in rebuilding mode.

Oh, and Roger Goodell? Nix that idea of the Super Bowl in London, please. You're shutting out a lot of American fans who won't be able to afford that trip. Are you crazy? Except for Canada and Germany, are there really that many fans of American-style football out there?

The Patriots do play in London during the regular season this year. Get ready, Londoners! Tom Brady and the Patriots are invading England! ;)

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