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Yvonne Craig Lives! ;)

"Stiletto" (Season 8) (Episode 19) (April 23, 2009)

Yvonne Craig Lives! ;)

I went into this story expecting fluff and did get that, but intertwined with meatier stuff.

Lois looked gorgeous as Stiletto, though it was a poor choice of name as she said, her blisters had blisters! ;)

The tweak of fans was pretty cute with Brelitto. ;) Before the Internet, actors and other TV people could go along unaware of fan reaction except for letters and the reaction at personal appearances. Now it’s all right there at the click of a mouse. Don’t tell me they don’t know about slash! ;)

“I should get back to my Cave.” Cute, Lois! ;)

Is Chloe's comment about putting a stiletto heel over a klieg light indicate that the Bat is already in operation in Gotham? ;)

I did enjoy the scene of Clark and Lois at The Planet trying to get away from each other plausibly when they heard the police scanner.

Very nice fun.

Now the serious stuff.

Lois fabricating a story? That’s right up there with plagiarism in the journalistic sin department. Clark was right in saying she better not get it published. Lois was uncomfortable when Jimmy and Clark called her on it. Her jealousy of Clark’s quick rise gave her the prod, but she still knew it was wrong.

Saving Clark was great, though! Barbara Gordon Lives! ;) She looked very Bat-like crashing through that skylight. And was that a shadow of a bat on the moon? ;) And Clark taking a bullet for her was so romantic! ;)

Jimmy showed his loyalty by taking a beating in this episode for Lois, and it’s sad that they aren’t paying closer attention to him. He’s working at the Ace of Clubs and buying drugs on the side! Admittedly my TV reception wasn’t the best (small portable set) but it looked as if Jimmy was doing the junkie dance, meeting his dealer.

I did like the symbolism of the scene in which Lois and Jimmy help Clark out of the warehouse. The three iconic characters from the mythos: made me smile! :)

Chloe? The story of a love that means someone will do anything for the other is appealing, but the appeal kinda leaves me when that someone is a killer. Sure, Davis can’t help it, and that’s the point: he’s destined to kill, not to mention Clark! I shed no tears over a drunk driver who killed and maimed or a gangster thug, but in the end, it’s cold-blooded murder, and Chloe is covering for Davis! That scene as she cries after looking at the blood on her hands shows she knows she’s in over her head, as Lois said about Stiletto, but as the previews show for next week, she’s all in.

How long does she expect to hide Davis in the basement, anyway?

I loved Chloe as a character until the last few seasons, which now is too Mary Sue for my tastes. And it’s sad to see a bright, witty career woman throw it all away for a guy, and a killer at that, programmed not only to experience fits of uncontrollable rage but to kill her best friend! Smacks too much of all those tales of women subsuming themselves into their boyfriends’ criminal lives.

I would like to see Chloe have a tragic end. She’s way too entwined with Davis to go back to business as usual. And I still say there’s something lingering from her Brainiac possession.

It doesn’t matter if she does survive to continue on into SV canon. SV is an AU so you don’t have to kill her off. I just think it would be a great, haunting tragedy if she died, her fate entwined with Doomsday, and Clark losing his best friend that way. And, yes, I know I’m in favor of a lighter SV, but this just has Greek tragedy written all over it! ;)

Clark will be moving on, eventually becoming one-third of the most powerful superhero Trinity (though we won’t see it on the show), meeting Bruce and Diana, and Chloe is better relegated to his past, I think.

And as for lighter SV, Clark actually smiles and has fun with Lois! :)

The scene with Clark calling Lois in the phone booth (I didn’t know there was still traditional phone booths around, but nice nod to the mythos!) was really good. I figured Lois turned down the interview because 1) she would have no pictures and her pin-headed editor probably wouldn’t print an interview the Red-Blue Blur because of that! And 2) her famous interview will be with Superman, not the Red-Blue Blur. Yep, there’s a better name out there for Clark, and Lois will coin it! :)

Erica Durance and Tom Welling were gorgeous, Allison Mack looked and acted like someone drained and desperate, and Aaron Ashmore played bitter and junkie-jittery very well. It was an entertaining episode all around.

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