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Title Change

So, a new title change! :)

Actually, it's revisiting old ground with my Supergirl/Batgirl stories. I decided that two similar series titles were too confusing, and also, one set was not really thematically a series. So, I am changing the 1960s series from Silver Age Girls to just Silver Girls, and the other stories' subtitles are now their main titles. milleniumrex, dear, you're going to get spammed by my editing changes. Sorry 'bout that! ;)

I checked over The Cat And The Canary series starring Selina/Dinah, and that's a legit series, the stories all about the girls hooking up and having wild, hot sex and not in a committed relationship. ;)

I'll re-evaluate my current Diana/Dinah series, The Princess And The Pretty Bird. If I don't think it merits a series, I'll remove the title and save it for a future series, 'cause it's just too good not to use! ;)

Blame OCD and a librarian background! I deal with titles and title changes all the time, and it just seemed to call for it this time around. Thanks for you patience! :)
Tags: femslash, linda danvers/barbara gordon, silver age, silver girls, supergirl/batgirl, title change
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