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Spring Rain Challenge Update! (4/17/09)

Yay! A new writer (at least to me). :)

I'm always continually amazed at the quality of fiction in this fandom, and scraplove's entry into the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Spring Rain Challenge is no exception. It's a wonderful little Tim/Kon ficlet with undertones of angst but will leave you feeling warm-hearted. :)

The complete Master List (which is growing by leaps and bounds!) is here.

Title: Spring
Author: scraplove
Pairing: Tim/Kon
Rating: PG
Summary: After Stephanie’s death, Tim is brooding. Kon tries to get him to stop. Then he kisses him, and it works much better.
Notes: Written for bradygirl_12’s 2009 DCU Fic/Art Spring Rain Challenge, which can be found here.

This story takes place shortly after Stephanie’s supposed death, after Tim has returned to the Titans. Really just a shameless excuse for Tim/Kon fluff. Thanks to zenithjolt, whose story for this challenge 1) was cute 2) let me know the challenge existed. Con-crit welcome as always, enjoy!
Tags: 2009 dcu fic/art spring rain challenge, challenge, master list
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