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Hurt/Comfort Prompts!

I've almost finished my last two fic requests for the Food Fic Prompt Request, and it's been fluffalicious fun! :) But I always work best when I have different genres going, so because I am:

1) crazy

2) restless

3) always in need of diversity

I will take the FIRST FOUR pairings/prompts!

The theme is hurt/comfort.

Give me a pairing or threesome. Please use only those I have written before. If you're not sure, check my links on my LJ sidebar. I'm sure I'll be writing new pairings soon, but I'd rather stick with the tried-and-true right now.

Give me a ONE or TWO-word prompt.

Please indicate whether or not you would accept a deathfic (just say Yes or No). I don't know if any of my Muses would point that way, but I want to keep my options open. However, if you are definitely against it, no problem!

Thanks, and I hope you'll enjoy the results! :)

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The complete Master List is here.
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