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New Banner! And A Rec!

Whee! ctbn60 created another banner for a story of mine, and recc'ed the story, too! :) The banner is for Heart's Desire, my Clark/Bruce fairytale, and it and the rec can be found here. *bounces*

Thanks so much, dear! It's so intricate and must have been a lot of work to find just the right pix and put them all together for such a beautiful banner! The color and richness of the work is astounding! And the boys and Zatanna are beautiful, too. :)

I'm keeping the large version on my Profile Page for awhile, then will shrink it down. I'd like people to get the full effect at first. :)
Tags: banners, clark kent/bruce wayne, fanfic, heart's desire, rec, superman/batman, zatanna
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