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Icon Meme!

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If you comment to this post, I'll pick six of your icons. Then you post at your own journal and talk about those icons, and continue the icon love!

Icon by pervyficgirl. This is taken from Darwyn Cooke's The New Frontier, a wonderful story about DC's heroes during the Cold War years. The art is fantastic, and Diana is enjoying herself on Paradise Island, reading a good book while drinking a cup of wine. She is wonderfully portrayed in this novel. Since I love The New Frontier and Diana, it seemed like a kickin' icon. ;)

Art by rai_daydreamer. Rai made this illo of Diana especially for me! *squees*

Icon by flybaby_014563. My favorite quarterback, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots! :) Tom enjoys modeling, and I found this to be an eye-catcher. Pretty sexy, eh? ;)

Icon by pervyficgirl. This is so beautiful I had to snag it! It was perfect for my story, The End Of All Things. Diana seems like a very spiritual person, and this icon epitomized that for me.

Icon by tattoedraven. It just tickled me pink to remember this scene in The Dark Knight. Morgan Freeman's delivery made this one of the few humorous moments in the film. :)

Icon by tattoedraven. She was celebrating the first anniversary of bale_daily and was offering customized icons of Christian, so I jumped at the chance! Isn't he yummalicious? :)

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