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Fresh Inspiration

I’ve been thinking about Muses and creativity and how we get stuck and unstuck. And it’s pretty much a mystery as to why our Muses come and go, but sometimes we can help them along.

I know that taking fic requests, usually using pairing and prompt, helps me if I’m lagging in the creativity department, and still helps even if I’m not. Sometimes it’s good to get outside of the projects you’ve got going on and take on fresh challenges. So I recommend asking people for prompts, and it can be totally unknown, or ask for a theme (food, weather, h/c, etc…). I’ve been limiting my prompts to 2 and 4, respectively, just enough to jump-start things. I love doing a dozen or more, but right now I haven’t the time, and the short list seems to be working! Out of 4 Food Prompts that I received, I’ve written first drafts of three of them, and am working on the fourth. I just need some revision and they’ll all be posted in the next few weeks! I know, big deal, as people post the same day after receiving requests, but I seem incapable of writing drabbles or ficlets. *sigh* I go the full story route! But it helps.

Challenges help me (designing and writing for them! ;) ) because they can be simple or sweeping, and are like taking prompts.

And, finally, I never did tables before, usually intimidated by a minimum of 50 or 100 prompts to fill, but saavikam77’s dcu_freeforall Challenge is perfect! With a minimum of 10, I felt that I could do each prompt justice (I chose 15). And it helped me with a bunch of Steve/Diana plot bunnies that I’ve had floating around for a year or more and gave me purpose! Fulfilling the prompts are providing great inspiration!

So, these suggestions might not work for you, but perhaps they will. :)

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