bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Fic Rec (Silver Goodness!) ;)

More recc’ing! :)

I love to rec when I can. I know I’m always very pleased and proud when I get one (ctbn60 recc'd me!), and I like to spread the love and alert people to great stuff! :)

ava_jamison has written several Bruce/Dick stories set in the Silver and Bronze Ages. She has an amazing grasp of period detail in music, clothes, slang, attitudes…truly worth your time to check out! A special favorite of mine is We’ll Always Have Paris, a WIP (she just posted Chapter 8), but she’s been updating regularly. Bruce is traveling with an Amazon exhibit and summons Dick to Paris. There’s Cold War shenanigans and a guest star appearance from Clark as Superman, and who knows who else might turn up? ;)

This is not a camp exercise in the vein of the ‘60s Batman TV show, but mixes humor with drama. Bruce isn’t uber-dark but he’s still obsessive and every inch the Bat, and Dick is youthful and responsible and gorgeous and his usual wonderful self! :)
Tags: batman/robin, bronze age, bruce wayne/dick grayson, fanfic, rec, silver age
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