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The Boys Who Fell To Earth

"Eternal" (Episode 18) (Season 8) (April 2, 2009)

Wow, where to begin?

Smallville is a fascinating dark AU/Elseworld of the Superman mythos, and has some interesting twists.

No matter how many times I see or read about the Boy Who Fell To Earth, I find it fascinating, as all good myths are. I liked seeing Jonathan and Martha from the Pilot. How typical was it that Baby Clark was smiling when he first saw them?

Clark’s fear of being found by Lionel is well-founded: what if he turned out as twisted as poor Lex? Or would they have helped each other to survive?

Nice seeing little Alexander again, and clutching Warrior Angel.

Poor Davis. He’s still doomed.

Clark needed the Kents to become Earth’s Greatest Hero. And if Tess is right, he won’t become that hero until he dies at the hands of Doomsday, a twist on canon but maybe it’s this season’s cliffhanger?

Chloe didn’t last long as Watchtower, did she? And while she is making the sacrifice to go with Davis for Clark, I think it’s more than that. Even though she ‘killed’ Davis for Clark (come to think of it, she’s done it before, and just like Oliver), she undeniably feels an attraction, too.

Great death scene! A little reminiscent of Kirk/Spock in The Wrath Of Khan.

Jimmy? Ahh, who cares about a hostile, addled junkie, right?

Was Tess right? Did Clark drive Lex over the edge? Or is Clark right, and Lex was headed for that dark path long before he met Clark?

Probably both.

My heart aches for Lex, so lonely, living under Lionel’s influence, and yet the chance to be better than Lionel was there. The meteor psychosis was too strong, and his need to know about Clark, who understandably wanted to keep his powers a secret, was too much for Lex to handle in the end.

Davis’ tragedy is that no matter what he does, he’s doomed.

Lex’s tragedy is that he had an opportunity to create a different Destiny, and yet his own obsessions and circumstances doomed him.

He never asked to be caught in that cornfield. He never asked to be raised by Lionel. He never asked for Clark’s friendship, and yet that was his chance for salvation and doom. The meteor sickness took over, and in combination with his burning need to know and control, doomed him.

Tess? She knows all about the Traveler, has what controls him? She is one cold-blooded, crazy lady.

Tom’s eyes…is it me, or are they getting more gorgeous each week? ;)

And who else loved Tess saying that people kept bats around to get rid of the pests? ;) Heh, sorry, can't remember the exact wording but it was a great line!

Oh, and that scene with Davis being hunted down in the cornfield? It could have been the Government instead of Lionel. Imagine Clark being taken by the Government and raised as a lab rat.

Whenever people criticize the Kents for making Clark hide who he was, I just think of that and say, I would have done the same thing.

So no new episodes until April 23rd? Bummer.

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