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March Fic

It’s interesting to see trends in one’s writing. I’ve been reviewing each month’s output this year and seeing 2009’s trends even at this early juncture.

In the month of March, there was a variety of pairings:

My only Clark/Bruce piece was Diamond Heart, and since it was published in the Once Upon A Night In Gotham e-zine, I posted all 12 chapters at once, so it all fit within this one month.

Of The Blood was the 4th entry into my dcu_freeforall Diana/Steve Challenge Table.

Silver Age Girls II: Luck Be A Lady Tonight! was my Linda/Barbara entry for the 2009 DCU Fic/Art St. Patrick’s Day Challenge.

Of Mint Juleps And Firepots was my first Spock/McCoy fic, a birthday gift to icarus_chained, set in the Mirror universe.

There was one Bruce/Dick story, Forgiveness, that was a missing scene from Superman/Batman #56.

The remaining three stories were all Bruce and Wee!Dick stories, two for a quick fic prompt. They were very well-received. :)

Nobody Understands

Once More, Laughter

Silken Memories

So what are the trends?

Longer fics with multiple chapters. That means less story totals but roughly the same word count. January saw 12 fics posted, 5 in February , and 8 in March. I may be trying out some new pairings, too. SV’s Oliver and Zatanna have great chemistry! ;)

Also, instead of fic requests that stretch out to a dozen or more, I’ve been successful so far with quickie requests. The Bruce and Wee!Dick requests worked well, and it looks like the Food Prompts will be fun, too. I will probably give more people a chance to request when my LJ anniversary comes up in the fall, but until now, keep your eyes trained on this journal for quickies! ;)

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