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Mistress Of Magic

"Hex" (Episode 17) (Season 8) (March 26, 2009)

"Hex" was fantabulous! Funny, light, and with serious undertones.

Zatanna was gorgeous! Lovely actress. She had good chemistry with Ollie (could be of the sexual variety), would be smokin’ hot with Tess, and had good friendship chemistry with Clark.

It amuses me that Tom Wellings’ best sexual chemistry is with his male co-stars rather than his female (MR, JH). Cloisers, please note, just my two cents! ;)

Mistress of Magic! Like we can’t get something out of that! ;)

Oh, yeah, they did (tying up Ollie with bonds of steel)! Subconscious, anyone?

Hex rhymes with... ;)

I enjoyed the banter between ChloLo and Clark, and how he’s very tuned into everything Lois does and says, icluding the Rules of Reporting (anyone got a screencap of those?).

I can understand Chloe's jealousy. After her disaster of a marriage, and then her dream of becoming a reporter all the way from the Torch days, seeing Lois living her dream had to hurt.

Very clever using the Superman curl in the scene when Clark tells Zatanna that he’s the man his father would want him to be.

The theme song for Zee’s magic was very evocative, and when she put the whammy on Ollie, real power! :)

And the intro of Zee with her father as the driving force of the plot hews to canon, though in the Silver Age, he was missing, not dead.

That was a tough choice she made. Could any of us say we would have done the same?

Loved Chloe’s smile during the ‘bagel’ scene.

Ha! Looks like Jimmy will be vindicated next week with Doomsday popping up, and, yes, Clark, you’re right: Jimmy deserved to be believed in by his wife!

Chloe as Watchtower and superhero support is where she belongs.

Was Ollie considering wishing Lex’s murder undone? I’m sure he wouldn’t miss Lex, but the act of murder could be gnawing at him? And will it become a conscience-crusher later on, or will he go on with life as usual?

Wouldn’t Ollie be a suspect in Lex’s murder considering how Queen Industries took over Luthorcorp if the Toyman is proven innocent?

Clark likes waking up with a purpose! ;)

The flower in Lois' hair? Very Chloe! :)

A very enjoyable episode a good break from all the Doomsday doom-and-gloom (coming again next week). Clark looked especially yummy in this one, especially after the ‘hex’ and Chloe keeps asking him if he’s all right.

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