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Football, Snow, And A Different Kind Of Patriots

Well, a nor'easter is bearing down upon us for Patriots' Day (not the football team in this case, LOL) and will impact the Red Sox 10 A.M. game and the Boston Marathon, not to mention the re-enactments at Lexington and Concord. Ironically we've gotten more snow *after* the official first day of spring than before it this year! :) A cold rain is out there right now.

Why so early a game time? Because traditionally the Sox play on the same day as the Marathon, and this year the time has been moved up for the race. The winners usually end up in Kenmore Square close to Fenway after the game has been concluded, and fans gather after exiting the old ballyard, joining the marathon fans. Patriots' Day is a state holiday and features the re-enactments, one at 5 A.M. :)

Hints of fall: yesterday the New England Patriots' 2007 schedule came out! Whoo hoo! *Five* nationally-televised games and a *tough* slate of them. This will keep the football message boards busy in addition to draft talk. As a semi-draftnik (I don't have my own mock draft but I do know the college players) I'm looking forward to the NFL Draft the last weekend in April. "With the 24th pick in the draft, the New England Patriots select..." Drafts are important in the NFL as rookies can have a big impact on a team. The Pats have drafted well. And they've found gems, like a certain rookie named Tom Brady in the 6th round (the draft has 7 rounds)! :)

Well, I thought I'd get by without mentioning fanfic, but the boys are insistent I make a few notes. :) Batman and Robin have been very patient with me as I've done some extra-quick typing of the latest chapters of "Rainbow's Freedom", and now they're demanding more time. So while I type up more "RF", I'll also be working on "Epidemic" and maybe some drabbles. And, as always, thanks to my readers and commenters! I appreciate it all! :)
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