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A Long But Satisfying Ficcish Update! :)

Hmm, haven’t done a ficcish update in awhile, so here goes:

Rainbow’s Freedom: Subject of my superhero_muses Story Writing Process Essay, and also the focus of my creative energies at the moment. Arc Four is being edited/posted, Arc Five’s first draft is completed, and Arc Six is being written.

Castle In The Clouds III: Raise The Drawbridge!!! (Bruce/Dick) is coming to its conclusion. Chapter Eight was just posted a little while ago. One more chapter to go!

Missing Bruce/Dick scene from Superman/Batman #56: First draft written.

I owe a Wee!Dick request (I already posted Once More, Laughter, for saavikam77), and two birthday fics (Steve/Diana, Spock/McCoy). One is written as a first draft, the other’s ideas are coalescing.

A long Clex fic stalled, but I’m confident I’ll be able to finish it. It features a lot of different SV couples. It’ll definitely be a candidate for the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Cast Of Thousands!!! Challenge.

Another Clex fic, "The Good Life" (tentative title), is an AU four chapters long. The first draft is written.

Wings Of Darkness Trilogy Book I: One Honest Man is complete. A Bruce/Jim AU, it’s even an AU to the Clark/Bruce story, The Better Angels. ;)

Book II: Guardian Angel, is written but needs a lot of revision.

Book III: Gotham And Gomorrah, is in the early writing stages.

A Bruce/Jim plot bunny from a poll of gaudy_night’s bit me! Jim is usually the one at death’s door in this fandom, a logical turn of events, given his greater vulnerability, but what if it’s Bruce this time? And no one but a few know they’re together?

More Bruce/Jim: Now We’re Two III: Blood-Soaked is in the simmering stage. :)

The Diana/Steve Table for dcu_freeforall has 4 of 15 prompts completed. I’ve got bunnies for the rest, some very vague.

A Clark/Bruce deathfic is completely stalled. I’m going to have to tear it apart and start all over. Of course, it doesn’t help that I wrote it a few days after I broke my wrist. ;)

Can anyone stand more Unholy Trinity (Chloiac/Doomsday) when it’s written? ;)

Plot bunny from this week’s "Turbulence" ep of Smallville!

I do want to write a longish Linda/Barbara fic, matching them with Clark/Bruce, but no plot bunny at the moment.

A long list, but all in various stages. I need the variety! :)

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