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"Father, For I Have Sinned..."

"Turbulence" (Episode 16) (Season 8) (March 19, 2009)

Well, due to frustrating circumstances, my reviews will be late from now on. Here’s mine if you’re interested, written before reading anyone else’s:


This Elseworld’s darkness strikes again.

Sweet and innocent rarely last in this world. Jimmy Olsen is ruined: his marriage, his career, and his health.

He’s right. Chloe doesn’t trust him. She’s far more attracted to Davis. She restrains Davis’ inner beast, but Doomsday is still doomed. The programming is too strong.

The Chloe/Davis bond initiated by Brainiac is still there, and unbreakable.

Good to see someone with a PTSD reaction for once after a weird happening. Jimmy’s suffering was well-presented.

He’s also a pretty darned good reporter.

Why didn’t Davis just kill him? The Chloe connection?

Davis as Catholic? As an ex-Catholic, I can vouch for the strong symbolism, honed through centuries, that the Church can bring to bear.

He’s Batman without any restraints, killing the evil-doers of Metropolis.

Tess’ chemistry is still best with women, but there’s a glimmer there with Clark.

And Clark, old patterns are repeating themselves. You’re falling for Tess’ act, hopeful she’s more than she says, just as you fell for Lex (who was genuine in the beginning, but…)

Tess could be more dangerous. Lex is insane. Tess isn’t.

Every good con has a kernel of truth, so it wouldn’t surprise me if her childhood story was true, though it’s a parallel with Lex’s, only difference being the economic status.

Lex saying that Clark didn’t have a bad bone in his body sounds true, and it may be just the Clexer in me, but I believe with Clark: they did have a real friendship once upon a time.

Anyone surprised at Tess setting Clark up? No? Didn’t think so. ;)

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