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Poll: Which Story To Analyze?

I received three suggestions for my Story Writing Process Essay for superhero_muses. I simply can’t decide which one to analyze, so it’s poll time! ;)

The winner will be written for superhero_muses, though I may write essays for the remaining two, as they all cover themes that interest me.

Anyway, here are the choices and their themes:

Rainbow’s Freedom (Freedom, slavery, power dynamics, social upheaval, AU world-building)

The Better Angels (Religious imagery, angels, allegories, philosophy) (WFA 2008 Runner-Up: Best Series AU)

The End Of All Things (War, loss of loved ones, loss of the world as we know it, how to keep going through grief)

I’ll keep the poll up for awhile. Thanks! :)

Poll #1367392 Story Writing Process Essay: Which One?
This poll is closed.

Which Story Should I Analyze?

Rainbow's Freedom
The Better Angels
The End Of All Things
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