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Title Change

Hello, all! A minor title change for my Supergirl/Batgirl stories: all stories starring the two will be still be under the series title Silver Girls, but the numbers were slightly changed as the first entry in the series, Go-Go Girls, is set in the actual Silver Age of the Sixties and will now go under the new series title of Silver Age Girls. I know the titles are similar but I liked 'Silver' and 'Girls' too much to completely change them! So pretty! *grins*

I've been mulling over stories for these two and decided to make the change. I don't have a huge readership for these stories but wanted to let those who follow the girls know the new system.

And there could be other series titles for them, but most will go under the umbrella of Silver Girls. For the Sixties series, I have a couple of ideas. Um, go-go cages and psychedelia, mayhaps. ;)

I may have a Linda/Barbara plot bunny for the 2009 DCU Fic/Art St. Patrick's Day Challenge!

Anyway, thanks for reading! :)
Tags: femslash, linda danvers/barbara gordon, lj, silver girls, supergirl/batgirl
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