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Clark Kent, Alien From Krypton!

"Infamous" (Episode 15) (Season 8) (March 12, 2009)

Clark Kent, Alien From Krypton!

I liked this. Clark, despite all the SV darkness, still believed in people’s goodness.

Unfortunately he forgot the very true statement from Ms. Lake: we like building up our heroes, but we like tearing them down even better.

Secret identities are really handy things, Clark. ;)

I was impressed by that mother and wife asking why should Clark play God? Which he has to do or spend every waking minute saving people. It would be a terrible dilemma for someone who cares as much as he does.

I enjoyed the reveal to Lois (who is looking prettier every day, as was Clark when he was excited at the prospect of coming out!) and poor Chloe as an alien’s best friend! Even Jimmy can't catch a break!

Wet Lois and Clark...awesome! :)

Clark accused of killing Lex is irony that Lex would find delicious.

And the bullets bouncing off Clark’s chest. Now that’s my Superman! ;)

So what sacrifice is made because of changing time? If it's the death of Linda Lake, we got lucky! :)

Ooh, how many of you were cheering Davis on to off Water Girl? ;)

I found this episode, while certainly not lighthearted, not exhausting like the previous Clana arc.

Clana always exhausts me. ;)

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