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Fic Rec

Well, I know I just recc'ed this fic last week but it's SO AWESOME! um, really showing the art of AU world-building that I decided to mention it once more. ;)

me_ya_ri is writing a slavefic, Light And Dark, which combines the ancient and modern beautifully. The first part, Prologue, was kid!fic as 11-year-old Bruce, slave to Martha's father, meets 4-year-old Clark. The Kents take him in and the next part, Chapter One, really begins to build this world as Clark, heir to House Clark, must travel to House Luthor with his personal slave, Bruce. This is a Smallville/Batman Begins-inspired fic.

Don't worry, with 35 chapters planned I won't be recc'ing every installment, though I'll be tempted! ;)
Tags: batman begins, clark kent/bruce wayne, fanfic, rec, smallville, superman/batman
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