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Linda/Barbara Love

I'm thrilled at the response to my femslash poll. And I was doubly thrilled to see so many people voting for the original Supergirl and Batgirl! :)

I think only myself and millenium_rex write the originals as opposed to Kara and Cass. If you know of any other authors/stories, send me the links!

The same for art. I found some cool art here of the girls on Barbara's motorcycle (oh, Linda, black leather skirts suit you!) but if you know of any more, I'd love to see them!

I've been mulling over doing a longer story with the girls, maybe pairing them with another couple, but need time to get a proper plot. :)

Both women were 'independent contractors', happy to help out Clark and Bruce but basically independent. Dick had a crush on Barbara in the early days, but who says he couldn't be attracted to Linda? It's in a Bat's blood to match with a Super. ;)

The two women had normal bust sizes, too, unlike so many heroines today! They did team up in canon at times, and would have a lot in common as female versions of their more famous male counterparts. They shared frustrations, understanding, and looked gorgeous together! ;)

So, if anyone is inspired to write or draw these two, don't be shy! Maybe this icon (by glaurung_quena) will inspire! ;)
Tags: fanart, fanfic, help, linda danvers/barbara gordon, supergirl/batgirl
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