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Need Career Help!

Okay, I'm going to try something different here: I've been looking for steady work for the past few years, surviving on free-lance and temp work, and I'm sick of it. I've done a lot of searching myself, but sometimes fresh eyes can help. If anyone knows of work that would fit my skills set, please e-mail me privately at with the subject line, Career Search. Preferably in the New England area but I'll entertain other areas secondarily. Thank you!

I have experience in writing and editing (for even non-fannish publications, lol), can design websites, and have instructional experience in corporate and academic settings (you know, teaching students the latest library database or employees the latest computer applications software).

I hold degrees in Education/English/Library & Information Science, two of which are Master's Degrees. I would love to teach Popular Culture Studies, American History, Creative Writing, etc., or set up a think tank that could boost a university's cachet by churning out Important Books and Articles on pop culture. Look at the success of The Dark Knight! ;)

Are companies looking for creative copywriters or a corporate librarian? Does anyone have contacts here in New England at a college or company? I'm good with graphics programs, too. I just don't have the software on this computer to do much.

The only way to get good jobs is if you know someone, or know inside jobs that are never publicly advertised. If it's possible that someone can refer me, that'd be helpful. I appreciate any help that can be given.

Can someone put in a good word for me? I'm extremely well-organized (just look at my Challenges) and reliable, able to meet deadlines (always finish writing projects on time). I served as the head of a Staff Development Committee which brainstormed/set up/scheduled year-long training sessions/workshops/seminars and created and edited marketing newsletters and literary magazines. My projects always came in on deadline. I'm good at department liaison work. I'm cheerful! :)

I don't have a Ph.D. due to lack of finances, but I have a good I.Q. and could easily obtain one if a university was willing to work with me (free tuition or opportunity to study for a Ph.D.).

I've worked in specialized libraries, academic and medical.

I'm also experienced as an administrative assistant.

Well, that's it! I know that fandom can help people in need and I'm pretty much in need right now. Please pass this along and please remember to send any info about jobs, contact info, websites, etc., to my e-mail address. Thank you.

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