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Rainy Day

Well, it's a cold, rainy day here and not as warm as they had predicted. I've gone for a walk and am now busy revising and writing and reading cool LJ stuff! :) I am nearly finished with the WWW holiday story I have to send in pretty soon, and as for the comics stuff, I can happily say a little logjam broke on some of those stories and I'm finishing up several of those. I suppose when I start posting this stuff, people will be sick of it! I'll have to restrain myself to one a day. :) Besides, I believe that's the accepted etiquette for posting fiction. One a day!

My other obssession, the New England Patriots, are struggling this season but they will be in the playoffs. Super Bowl? Maybe, if they finally get their stuff together. Tom Brady is the best quarterback playing and Bill Belichick is the smartest coach around. Hey, 3 Super Bowls in 4 years proves it! So I'm hoping for a deep run in the postseason. And Tom sure looked yummy in his red hoodie the other day. ;)

I've also been poking around under the tree. I figure I have some books, a calendar, and some other cool stuff, though I never peek! I just weigh, scrutinize, and wonder! Besides, it's always a lot of fun to anticipate.
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