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February Fics

Well, February was pretty interesting fic-wise. I posted much less in story count (5) than I did in January (12), but my word count was probably the same because I posted multi-chapter fics for the most part.

No Clark/Bruce this month except for chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom. Since the arc is counted as one story, it was counted in January when it was first posted (10 of 37 chapters posted).

I posted two Steve/Diana stories for my dcu_freeforall Challenge table : A Princess, A Pilot, And Pizza! and Top Gun (3 of 15 prompts completed).

Yay, a Bruce/Dick story (Castle In The Clouds III: Raise The Drawbridge!!!) (4 of 9 chapters posted)! ;)

In my one Smallville fic, Emerald Heart, Clex, Clollie, and Clana were dominant (Clark gets around!). ;)

A Bruce/Jim fic, Wings Of Darkness Trilogy Book I: One Honest Man, uses the Angel of Death character from the Clark/Bruce story, The Better Angels, in Nolanverse (3 of 5 chapters posted).

I owe birthday fic! *kicks Muses*

The month was fairly busy despite fracturing my wrist on February 8th. I can write in my notebook just fine. It’s the typing that’s slower! :)

Challenge news: I’m cooking up a Spring Challenge to be unveiled after St. Patrick’s Day. :)

For the rest of the year I plan on Summer and Halloween Challenges, and that’s it for now.

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