bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Fic Rec

me_ya_ri has begun a new slavefic, Light And Dark, that merges Smallville and Batman Begins 'verses. It features 11-year-old Bruce as a slave who travels to Smallville with his Master, Martha's father. William Clark loves his daughter but he strongly disapproves of his son-in-law. Clark is 4 1/2, and absolutely adorable! You'll just want to squeeze both boys! :)

This is the Prologue and they'll be growing older soon, but this kid!fic chapter is sweet! :)

I think me_ya_ri got tired of me mentioning Bruce in commenting on her Clex fics and decided to write him! ;)

EDIT: Oh, it's inspired by Rainbow's Freedom!

Tags: batman begins, fanfic, rec, smallville
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