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Five Subjects Meme

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

northern_star gave me these:

*Tom Brady

Lo, Patriot Nation suffered for many years in the land of misfortune and futility until the King was felled on the field of battle and the Crown Prince came out and led his loyal Knights to the Holy Grail.


Translation: Tom took over for Drew Bledsoe in Week 2 in 2001 and he’s become the greatest quarterback of his generation, winning three Super Bowls and setting all kinds of records. He’s a joy to watch. For a lifelong Patriots fan, it’s Nirvana! :)

Tom usually says and does the right thing off the field (His leadership is acknowledged without reservation by his teammates), is close to his parents and three older sisters, and seems like a pretty decent guy! :)

He also loves to model, primps endlessly, and carries a European handbag! An anti-neanderthal! ;)

*Challenges :D

I love to come up with the themes and different rules and see how I can inspire people! :) I get excited when people get fired up to meet my Challenges. They also help my Muses.

*Wonder Woman

Along with the original Supergirl, she was my favorite superheroine growing up. She is as powerful as Superman and comes from a matriarchy with fantastic elements of Goddesses, a magic Lasso, bracelets that can deflect bullets, and an invisible plane. She is unique. She enjoyed a ‘forever’ kind of love with Steve (still does in my DCU), and is the third pillar of DC’s Trinity.

Diana really believes in peace but understands that you sometimes have to wage war. She really can inspire girls and women to realize their potential.

*American History

I’ve always loved American history! I’d sneak reading ahead in my history textbook every year. ;)

I like to immerse myself in the details of the past: I can tell you the popular radio programs of the ‘30s (The Great Gildersleeve, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow), and what year the King and Queen of England visited America (1939), what a Rogers Group is (tableaux of scenes in statuette form for tabletops, wildly popular in Victorian America), who made Capri pants popular in the early ‘60s (Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show), and other details! :)

I like to view the times in their own prism, curious to see what decisions were made as they didn’t know the future, of course. Comics have such a rich history, too!

*Food In Fiction ;)

I love food! ;)

But it’s a great way to evoke setting. I attended a writing seminar of a friend of mine years ago and was impressed by her use of description with food.

Food engages all the senses (even touch, as you can hold a peach and feel its soft fuzziness, and sound, the sizzling of a sausage on the grill). It helps you paint a picture of the scene, gives insight into characters (what they’re eating, how they eat it), and can help enrich a scene set during a meal if you describe the hot tang of cinnamon candy or the sweet lushness of strawberries, the juicy snap of a sausage or the cool greens of a salad.

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