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Happy Writer Enjoying The Banquet

It's been quite a productive few days. Yesterday I washed and waxed my car, and it's a sparkling beauty! :) I figured for sure it'd snow today because I washed it but luck was with me! :) I did yard work and did all sorts of errands today, running around like a crazy person. I feel like Clark with all my sunburst of energy! :)

Writing has been going well after a little period of procrastination this week. ;) I posted Chapter 9 of "Rainbow's Freedom" tonight and already started typing Chapter 10. I also went to the "RF" archival page and started putting up chapter numbers (not links as they haven't been written except in my notebook yet) for the second arc, "Shadow Of The Bat". I figure if anyone is curious about the progress of the second arc's first draft they can follow it there as I will add the number of each chapter I've completed in the first draft to the page. So far 5 chapters have been completed in the notebook. :)

Other projects do include a fairly long Batfic, possibly a Dick/Roy story, and maybe some more drabbles! :) Drabble writing is a lot of fun and helps focus things. I also started work on a continuation of "Twist Of Fate", which will probably go slowly as I need to be in the mood to write this one! *sobs for her little bird*

As always, thanks *ever* so much for all your feedback and support. A writer lives on the feast of feedback so thank you for giving me such a bountiful banquet! :)
Tags: fanfic, writing
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