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Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts:

I think I may have inspired some people to re-tackle their dcu_freeforall tables after I gushed about mine! ;)

I bought fresh strawberries today for snack food and they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

I HAVE to write some Smallville fix-its, especially after tonight's episode!

Christian Bale needs to chill!

Tom Brady is starting to throw a football, and is rehabbing like crazy!

My knee's a little swollen. Old injuries suck.

Would anyone read a Clark/Bruce deathfic (bunny is hopping)?

Later tonight I plan to cook ziti with tomato sauce. If I had some fresh tomatoes I'd throw those in, and maybe a sprinkling of red pepper.

I love my warm house after being out in cold that is -13 degrees with wind chill.

Who has the best flist? ME!!! :)
Tags: fandom, flist, rl, tom brady
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