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Murder Most Foul

"Requiem" (Episode 14) (Season 8) (February 5, 2009)


Okay, I don’t want to sound like those whiners who constantly complain about the show while I sit on the couch and watch said show, but this episode was just so made of fail, I’m speechless! Almost! ;)

Admittedly I couldn’t see or hear that well with a bad signal on the little portable TV tonight, but did I hear right that Oliver killed Lex? Of course, not really Lex, but he doesn’t know that! Since when is Oliver a cold-blooded killer? Oh, yeah, since about three eps ago! But I thought that was done and he’d realized it wasn’t exactly heroic to go around killing, even the villains! What Would Clark Do? Remember, Ollie?

Where's my dashing, heroic Green Arrow with a sense of justice?

I’m glad that Clark reminded Chloe that if hadn’t had that little peccadillo of not wanting to kill the bad guys, she wouldn’t be alive.

Gee, if I was Jimmy, I'd wonder where my newlywed wife is while I languish in the hospital after trying to save her on my wedding day! She never even mentions him!

And I’m truly puzzled by Oliver. I understand his hatred of Lionel, because the man killed his parents. But Lex didn’t! And at Excelsior, Oliver was the bully, not the other way around! Why was Ollie bullying Lex? Did Lex do something to him? Or just like all bullies, Ollie saw a vulnerable victim? I never liked that episode for what it showed about Oliver and thought that he had gotten over those immature days. Obviously I was wrong.

He definitely has a blind spot when it comes to Lex. The man who reamed out Clark for trying to understand the rogue cops even while they were killing criminals and openly went after those rogues is now committing cold-blooded murder?

*wonders at this schizophrenic show*

One perk: a bare-chested Oliver in restraints! ;)

And the maniacal Toyman was a few balloons short of a string, but menacing toys are always good for a blast! ;)

Lana as a walking Kryptonite doll is the WRONG reason for her and Clark to break up. It totally makes Lois second choice. The episodes in which Lana returned for Chloe’s wedding were well-done. She and Clark realized they weren’t meant for each other and were on their way to good friends. So OF COURSE the show had to make Lana a superheroine and their romance be star-crossed, and Lex be the reason!

This makes the Clex relationship all about Lana now. Clark won’t be looking for the hints of his old friend (he doesn’t know that Lex effectively killed Alexander, after all), which was implied by his reluctance to go after Lex before Lana’s contamination. Chloe called Clark on that, saying that Lex wasn’t the same man pulled from the river by Clark eight years ago, but Clark didn’t seem convinced. Now he won’t think straight simply because of this weird plot twist.

I wish Doomsday would hurry up! Maybe he could put us out of our misery! ;)

But think of it this way, my friends! Clark getting sick as he gets close to Lana could be a sly metaphor (ha, ha) for how WE feel. ;) Or maybe it just means that Lana is POISON to Clark! Or maybe it’s just icky girlz.

Remember the Warner Brothers cartoons when Daffy Duck was being drawn by an unseen artist to wear goofy clothes or become a flower and even end up erased while he ranted? Bugs Bunny was revealed to be the diabolical artist! Let’s take our erasers out and rub these Superheroine Lana stories out and just pretend they never happened.

Or maybe Smallville's later seasons are a Kryptonite-induced psychosis and Clark will wake up back in first season and say, "Man, what a nightmare!"

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