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Do Claims Challenges Inspire You?

So I've been sitting here most of the day, alternating between computer and bed (battling flu) and trying to keep my mind occupied.

I've also been cheered up by many well wishes and hugs (thank the Goddess for you guys!), fic, (thanks so much, merfilly!) and letting my mind drift in between my ears ringing and body aching. So maybe this is disjointed but what the hey:

I recently joined the dcu_freeforall Challenge and was sampling some of the other comms out there that use similar formats. My curiosity got started and I was wondering what claims challenge communities do you find intriguing, whether or not you participated in them?

Do you find a minimum of 10 prompts more to your liking, or do you like the challenge of 50 or 100? What themes do you find yourself attracted to? Do you find it difficult to complete these challenges or does it help inspire you, or a little of both?

I'd be curious to hear your answers to these questions and any others that you think of.

I do know that sometimes I can get stalled when I have to write to a prompt, but other times it helps kick-start my Muses. I do like saavikam77's comm because of its laidback rules and flexibility, and the prompt minimum is 10! I honestly think that for me, 50 or 100 is too overwhelming.

Tags: challenge, dcu_freeforall, flist, lj, love, meta, rl
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