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Thoughts On A Snowy Day

When you live in a snowy region of the country your whole life, you can *feel* when it's going to snow, even if you haven't heard a weather report. That was the feeling I got today while out walking, and it's starting to flutter down! It's cold and gray today, but that's okay. Soon enough it'll be hot and sticky. Sometimes it gets very Gotham here.

The Muses are shifting again. For awhile what I was writing was Clark/Bruce or Clex, and now Bruce/Dick are nudging toward the front of the line again. The Epic (aka The Slavefic) is still a steady Muse. While typing the first arc I've already started the second's first draft in my notebook. This is good as I'd like to have at least a third of it written by the time the first arc has been completely posted. My usual pattern is to write out the entire arc first, then revise, and finally start posting with final revisions. It can get too messy otherwise! :)

I've also decided to dust off some old fic that never saw the light of day and begin working on that again. I want to finally get some ideas out there on two couples I've enjoyed writing off and on for years: Han/Luke and Apollo/Starbuck ('70s version). I figure write a little of these pairings every few days and eventually there will be enough to post! And to do so at the appropriate lists and archives, too.

Finally, I've been tearing apart a profic that I wrote last year and am trying to shape into something suitable for professional submission.

If I'm a little slow with updating any current series, I hope you'll understand. I'm having a blast with fanfic but I need to work on that profic, too. It's time to test the world of Professional Authors. :)
Tags: fanfic, profic, snow
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