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Lana Lang, World Savior (No, Really)!

"Power" (Episode 13) (Season 8) (January 29, 2009)

Wow, when did Lana become Superwoman? She stole Lex’s power suit?! WTF?

Or maybe I should say, Lana Lang, Batwoman. Because all that survivalist training smacked quite a bit of the League of Shadows training that Bruce underwent in Batman Begins. I’m sure he had to suffer all kinds of physical and mental endurance tests.

We have to suffer through Super-Lana!

I seriously don’t get the fascination with Lana Lang on this show by TPTB. She could have been a great character, just like she is in the comics, but, no, they have to go so overboard with her that it turns people against her! I’m not even a Clois fan but I can see that Lois is far better for Clark than Lana.

The Clana relationship has always been one of frustration, back-and-forth, and this fairytale romance that long ago ceased to be even that.

Why are we getting Lana Lang, Savior of the World? And why is she using her powers (or plans to) before Clark even dons a suit and cape? Arrghhhh!!!!

Okay, some good stuff:

Once again Tess steams up the screen with the ladies. She and Lana have good chemistry together. You see, while Lana frustrates me, I don’t dislike her completely. I think she has excellent chemistry with women like Tess and Chloe. In fact, she has far better chemistry with women than men, just like SV Clark (IMO) has far better chemistry with male characters than female.

Tess looked like she enjoyed a little bloodplay there, didn’t she? She’s a fascinating character, connecting with Lana but then ruthlessly declaring that Lana was born to be a martyr.

I do like Lex still lurking on the edges, as we’ll know he comes back.

And Clark's look of guilt when Lex's belief that he endangered Lana and that's why Lex had to look out for her was well-done. Lex's motivations are twisted, but there's always some silver lining running through the dark cloud.

Oh, well, as far as Lana goes, her episodes are up soon? Right? Right?

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